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Hi I’m Alexis

Hello, my name is Alexis Tsourounakis; among many things, I am a second-time mom to my daughter named Kirra and a baby boy named Xander. I am currently on maternity leave from my day job as an unregistered architect. Before babies, I spent nearly four years on a team designing maximum security prisons and an additional two working on schools and fire stations. Then I had my daughter, took one year off work, and returned only to be transferred to the interior design team before being ultimately made redundant. In less than three months, I found a new job at a firm on the industrial team during the 2020 pandemic, hiding my child and wedding ring. It wasn’t long after I became pregnant again with my son. Oops. I waited as long as possible before telling them, only to be transferred yet again, to the residential team.

Now, I wipe poop three to four times a day, get less than 6 hours of sleep, and two glasses of wine knock me out like a Xanax.

Architecture school was hard. Becoming a mother was harder. Working for MEN is impossible. I started this blog after Kirra was born when I was lonely and missed using my intellectual brain. Now, after two kids, I barely have time to remember my past self let alone type up a blog post on food, travel, and DIY costumes. But the truth is, I am torn wholly between working full time again in architecture or making a career change. Although architecture is a field I deeply love, I sacrifice family time with long hours and zero flexibility. Maybe it was the year 2020; perhaps it was being locked down in Australia that cut off seeing my family for nearly three years. Whichever reason it is, here I am reflecting on the messy truth of motherhood again, Again.

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Cascais, Portugal

favorite tv show to binge

Gilmore Girls & Veronica Mars

MY birth chart

♈︎ Aries


I played piano for ten years!

I’D SPEND my whole paycheck on

Travel and gym clothes

COFFEE order

Long Black, triple shot


The Shore house


Beach but I would definitely do both!

favorite hobby

The gym. I’ve been lifting since I was 13!


Working Hard, Hardly Working

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