Is E.A.S.Y really Hard?


The book “The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems” by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Balu talks about implementing a routine know as easyE.A.S.Y known as (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You Time), encourages full feedings by allowing your baby to eat immediately after waking and prevents your baby from associating food with sleep. E.A.S.Y is a routine for you and your baby to help have a better understanding of what comes next or why your baby may be fussy.


What is E.A.S.Y ?


EASY is really simple. As soon as your baby wakes you immediately feed them. Once the feeding is done you keep them awake until its time to sleep again. Follow appropiate awake window based off bubs age. When its time for them to nap, they fall asleep in a way that does NOT involve feeding. When following the EASY routine you do not typically feed again until the next cycle.


How Does E.A.S.Y Work?


The EASY routine encourages longer periods of sleep. Newborns fall asleep very easily resulting in shorter feeds and waking ofter because of hunger. By focusing on keeping your baby awake and giving full feeds, idealy they will eat more during the day and in a perfect world sleep better at night. For older babies not only are you giving them full feeds but  you are eliminating a common sleep prop which can cause problems down the road when trying to sleep train.


Benefits of E.A.S.Y


  • Learning Day from Night. By actively keeping them awake during the day and letting them sleep at night your baby’s metabolism will soon start to tell them when its eating and sleeping time.
  • Helps to ensure baby gets fuller feeds resulting in longer naps.
  • Helps baby learn to sleep independently by not using feeding as a sleep prop.
  • When you have an idea of when your baby feeds and sleeps its easy to create order and routine for your day.
  • You start to interrupt your babys sleeping and hungry cues.

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Step One: Eat


Whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed it is important for your baby to get a full feeding every time. This will help establish their metabolism which will result in them quickly understaning when it is time to eat, stay awake, and sleep.

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Step Two: Activity


When your little one is done feeding, help keep them awake by engaging with them and encouraging them with activity. This can include tummy time, cooing, bath time, or hanging out with visitors, Be careful not to over simulate though as you want your baby to sleep at nap time.

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Step Three: Sleep


Sleep. Try and create a soothing naptime routine and environment by darkening the room, using a sound machine, swaddle or sleep suit. A typical nap for a baby can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

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Step Four: You Time


This is where you get some time for yourself. Shower, eat, sleep, or catch up on some cleaning.


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