Must Have Pregnancy Apps When Expecting


Is your baby the size of an avocado or an eggplant?


The first thing I did once the strip turned pink was download the first pregnancy app that came up in my search. I entered the date of my last period and became enamoured with the amount of information out there. I immediately became addicted to scouring the app’s community forum, checking my weekly updates, and tracking the size of my fetus. There is no shortage of resources out there to help guide you though the process and monitor your baby’s growth. Here are the must have pregnancy apps when expecting that I recommend and used throughout my pregnancy journey.



1. What to Expect

From the brand “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” This extremely popular pregnancy tracking app provides personalized content based on your due date. The most useful tool is gaining acess to a community of moms-to-be.


2. Pregnancy +

This app provides information from babies size guides to weight grain trackers, kick counters, and interactive images from every angle you can think of. This is probably the closest you can get to seeing what your baby looks like in real time. Browse baby names, keep track of doctor’s appoinemnts and upload belly pics.


3. BabyCenter

This app has an easy to use interface offering week-by-week pregnancy tips, articles, and trackers. Get access to the birth club where you can join a community of moms-to-be. Plus, tools like the bumpie photo journal, baby names, and contraction timer. Once your baby arrives the app offers guidance and support though the baby’s first year.


4. the Bump

This app features “How big is baby,” tracking your baby’s growth over time by comparing the size of your fetus to the likes of fruit. The bump provides helpful reminders and checklists for each stage of your pregnancy, real answers from a team of editorial staff, experts, and moms, and massive baby registry.


But please keep in mind an app doesn’t replace medical care.

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